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El Pilatilo - Colombia


& Aromas

Tangerine and dark chocolate

From Bean
to Cup

Paulino Diaz was born and raised in Nariño’s Andes mountains, in the southwest from the country near La cruz, where his farm “El Pilatilo” is located. With the help of sustainable processes and training from the cooperative “Asprounion”, Paulino has been able to raise his farm's game from plain commercial to specialty coffee!

"El Pilatilo" farm has been in the family for 40 years, and also grows sugar cane, banana and corn. The farm provides food and shelter also to his wife and two of his children, and two of his grand children.

This makes for a busy life, but Paulino makes time for going out to an occasional Aguardiente shot, the national "water on fire" drink with his friends and to play "Chaza" A local regional game!

El Pilatilo whose tangerine flavours balance out with the chocolaty aftertaste is roasted by Felipe & Mahgub.

Medium and high roasts which yield a smooth body are meant for Espresso lovers and medium light roasts which yield a more balanced sweetness for filter lovers.

  • Acidité
  • Douceur
  • ArômesChocolat noir, miel, panela et caramel au beurre salé