The Beans On Fire

Rhyme & Time - May 3

  • Rhyme & Time - May 3

The Beans On Fire

Rhyme & Time - May 3


As we celebrate two years of coffee played like jazz at The Beans on Fire, we welcome the singer Viktorija Gecyte and the bassists Peter Giron, Adam Over and Sava Medan for a live concert:

Wednesday May 3d at 7pm

7 rue du Général Blaise, 75011 Paris.

After the concert, we'll start our night service season, so you can discover the night dinner menu designed by our head cook "el chacho" Juan Pulgarín.

The ticket includes a glass of wine which you can taste with your dinner at The Beans on Fire.

The live concert draws from a series of acoustic videos "Rhyme & Time

From Viktorija about the musicians:

Notes of tobacco, hints of wood and a scent of adventure...
"First time we made beautiful music with Peter Giron was almost eight years ago. Since then, I was never bored, nor worried. We had the best laughts on stage and the most science-fiction kind of conversations behind the scenes. His notoriously bad luck didn't rub off on me, and he even gained a smile."

Home brewed and bottled, a journey of explorations...
"Five years ago, Adam Over had just moved to Paris from his home in Canada. We instantly found common ground in swinging lyrics to American songs and exchanging favorite lines. The music was solid and purposeful. Before we met, I never knew so many musician jokes and alternative lyrics even existed."

Confetti and balloons, or playing in the sand...
"Sava Medan was visiting Paris in the fall of 2012 when we first spoke at a jam session. He's always been, and is to this day, so inexplicably, unconditionally in love with this town, so intrigued by rhythms and melodies, and just so happy to play. A bouncing rattle, a yogi philosopher, an itinerant soul and a voracious musician."